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Due 7/24/23 - Southern California Edison - RFP Opportunity for Telecom Tower Services, Antenna Installation and Maintenance Services

Scope Summary: 

Telecom Tower Services, Antenna Installation and Maintenance Services: The Supplier must have the capabilities and technical experience in tower field services and/ or antenna installation, tower construction services, site development, and/ or telecommunication services which are required at locations throughout SCE's electric, office, and mountain-top facilities. The supplier is responsible to provide material, labor and equipment used to perform construction, inspection and test or measure, as well as to provide personnel trained in the use of equipment to perform a majority of the assigned work. Project specific, Statement of Work (SOW) driven work, will be performed.  Ad hoc/Remedial services and/or Emergency Services Restoration work may be requested.  Services to be performed at sites throughout SCE's 60,000 square mile service territory, in the states of California, and border areas of Arizona and Nevada.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements:

Safety Requirements:  Supplier is required to be part of the ISNetworld Tier 1 Safety program and have a minimum "B" grade at all times.

Union Requirements:   Signatory with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 47 Union


Ariba Registration Information 

All interested suppliers must register within our Ariba Supplier Portal in order to receive the RFP.  Note: if your company is not registered, procurement cannot invite you to the RFP. 

Ariba Commerce Cloud Registration Process 

New Suppliers to Ariba (never created an Ariba Account) 

Becoming a supplier for SCE is a two-step process. You must (1.) register with Ariba Commerce Cloud and (2.) complete the SCE specific Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ). Please follow these steps: 

STEP 1 – Join the Ariba Commerce Cloud by clicking on the following link: 

STEP 2 – Once Ariba Commerce Cloud registration is complete, log in and you will be prompted to complete the SCE specific Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ).   

COMPLETE ONLY the 5 mandatory questions for registration purposes only. 

1.       Section 2.1 - Are you a Diverse Business Enterprise? 

2.       Section 3.5 - Are you registered as a California resident owned business? 

3.       Section 3.8 - Are you a U.S. owned supplier?  

4.       Section 3.14.2 - Do you accept the Terms of Use Agreement? 

5.       Section 3.19.1 - You certify that you are an authorized representative of the company 

In addition, some important but commonly missed sections of your profile should be completed (these items are on other tabs of your company profile):  

  • Short Description – add any category keywords for your products or services to help Supplier Diversity locate your profile for future RFP opportunities 
  • State of Incorporation – you must change from default (Alabama) to your state of incorporation  
  • Phone number - verify that phone number is input in the main organization and for each user on your account  
  • Organization Name – ensure it matches legal name, Tax Id  

This one-time requirement will ensure we have complete information on suppliers' capabilities and access to required documents.  SCE will use this information in many areas of doing business with your company and may request for you to update your information periodically. 

Note: If you are not the authorized company representative responsible for ensuring your company's information is complete and accurate, please have that person complete the registration and information request. The individual that creates the Ariba Commerce Cloud Account becomes your company's Ariba Account Administrator (by default).   Once registered on Ariba, your Account Administrator can add you and others within your company as users to your organization.

Suppliers with An Existing Ariba Commerce Cloud Account 

 If you already have an Ariba account, use the link below; you will be prompted to complete the SCE Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ) upon login: 

 Log in and complete the SCE specific Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ).  Focus on the mandatory (5 asterisked*) questions as indicated in STEP 2 above; you can answer the remaining questions and upload the requested documents as information is available. 

Note: If you think you have an Ariba Commerce Cloud Account but are experiencing difficulty, you can contact the Ariba Help Line for Suppliers (see phone number below).   

Ariba Technical Support  

For any questions with registration, contact Ariba Helpline for Suppliers at 866-218-2155, option #2 or go to for network assistance. 

Please be advised that this registration request does not constitute an agreement or commitment between your company and SCE. 

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Telecom Tower Service Antenna Installation and Maint RFP List

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